Yei! I am so glad you are here.

I really hope you find

what you are looking for.

Through counselling sessions and public image consulting

we work on recognizing your true essence and manifesting your life project.

We co-create love driven brands and businesses

that will make you achieve your professional goals in

an aligned and fun way.

We are here to accompany you on your journey.


We offer:


Essence finding

This is a document for you to tune into your essence.

Through a series of online or one on one sessions where we talk about you, your ideas, your work, and your personal and professional experiences, I tune into your essence and create a unique document written just for you.

These pages define the projects guidelines, your unique value and help you re-connect to that which makes you vibrate in a high frequency.


Counselling Sessions

Online one on one and group sessions created to help you:

– Align to your true purpose.

– Recognize your life’s project.

– Embrace the power you have to create.

– And manifest the life you want and deserve.


Love driven branding process

We’d love to accompany you to co-create a brand that shows your true gifts, values and essence.

– Align your business to your spiritual practices.

– Co-Create a love driven brand that resonates with your intuition and your life’s project.

– Attract people who resonate with your messages, essence and services.


Love driven books and Editorial products

We publish love driven books, texts, ilustrations, cards… Editorial products that are written from the heart, that inspire others and help us connect to who we really are.
If this resonates with you at any level as an author, illustrator, reader…

reach out!

I think our work is best explained by people we have worked with:

I would like to share some of our latest posts with you:

Laura Posada

  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 25 January, 2019
Hi! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Laura Posada and I work with desigh and typesetting in Mora-Mora Editorial.
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