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This is the perfect time to remember,dream and co-create a life

that makes you feel joy and eagerness for the future.

You are finally here, so you can now focus

your full attention on yourself,

begin to enjoy life, recognize your true desires

and manifest them.

Let’s breathe together.

Mora-Mora Counselling

Mixing theory and experience we accompany you to deepen the connection with yourself.

Fron an Intgrative Psychotherapy & Spirtuality approach, we see people as healthy individuals searching for spaces to express genuinely.

This is why we co-create spaces with an authentic and warm climate so that you can communicate with a complete sense of freedom. 

Talking, listening to our body, tapping into intuition,  we begin to identify conflict, broaden our perspective, release our full potencial and experience new realities.

This is the space where we accompany people like you to identify their true dreams and manifest them.

· Dream ·

We dream and love to manifest dreams!

We understood the dreaming and manifesting dreams process and we decided to accompany others who wanted to make their dreams come true.

Dream · Reach-out · Explore · Accompany · Manifest

Let’s explore together!

Here is where the process begins!

We co-create a cozy environment where you can share yourself authentically and share what you want to understand, comprehend, identify and transcend.

Integrative Counselling & Spirituality are the bases of our therapeutical work.

It is very important that you hace this exploring phase so you can test mi line ofr work and see if it resonates with you and if you would like to continue down this path. These sessions work as an assesment phase so I can create a personalized plan based on your actual needs.

This first phase includes: 

  • 4 Sessions
  • Weekly sessions.
  • Lasting 50 min. each.
  • Listening, exploring and expressing.

The explore phase ends with the presentation of a personalized plan. In that moment you decide whether to say goodbye or take the next step together. 

There are many types of processes, some examples and possible processes that we have accompanied are: 

  • Specific objetives 3, 6 or 9 month program.
  • Bringing a project to life.
  • Deep therapeutical process.
  • Spiritual path or spiritual awakening process.
  • Love driven brand creation process.
  • Book writing & Book publishing process.

Start here!


With a first FREE 30 min. session in which we get to meet each other, solve doubts that you may have and decide if you want to begin your process.

We share the testimonials of our clients:

Here you can find our activities, ideas, and celebration moments:

The wall

  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 25 January, 2019
Hi! Today I wanted to talk about limiting beliefs. I’m leaving a Counselling session now that made me feel like writing.
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  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 25 January, 2019
Change, moments, cycles that end and others that begin.
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Toxic relationships in the workplace

  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 25 January, 2019
Publicaron mi artículo en la revista digital de Counselling y Psicoterapia Humanista Integrativa del mes de Noviembre 2017. Te comparto mi experiencia y reflexiones sobre lo que son las relaciones tóxicas en el ambiente laboral. ¡Gracias Bonding!
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  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 13 June, 2017
From phrases extracted from the esenciarios I have done, I explain what this document is.
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Download and enjoy any and all of these gifts.

We have co-created these documents during some of these processes and we have decided to share them with the world.

Send me an email, if you’d like. I’d love to read your experience if you want to share it.

Contact us

I want to invite you to contact us if any of our Counselling services resonate with you.

You can begin your explore sessions, ask for an essence document, book 1:1 online sessions, be part of an online group, or just write to share your doubts or ideas with us.

Write to me and book your first FREE 30 min. online session. 

In this session, you will be able to clear doubts and understand the way we work. 

The process of manifesting dreams, begins with dreaming, continues with reaching out and contacting us so we can begin to explore together. 

In the first 4 sessions, we’ll listen and understand your needs so that I can offer a personalized plan that is a perfect fit for you.

  • 4  online sessions. 
  • 1 session per week.
  • Lasting 50 min. each.

In this case, we ask for the full 4 sessions payment upfront in order to guarantee the client’s commitment to the process.

Once the explore phase is done, I will present to you a tailored plan to

  • Reach a specific goal or objective in 3, 6 or 9 months.
  • Begin a deep therapeutic process.
  • Accompany a project creation or launch.
  • Accompany a spiritual awakening.
  • Walk alongside your spiritual path.
  • Focus on a love driven brand process.
  • Focus on a book writing or publishing process.

In any case, I will present the idea and you can decide if you want to take this next step together.

I'll contact you in the next 48 hours to book an appointment.

I have read and I accept Mora-Mora's privacy policy and legal advice.

Feel free to book a 50 min online or face to face session.

I accompany people who want to:

  • Remember their true essence.
  • Co-Create a life plan that makes them happy.
  • Identify their true dreams and desires.
  • Trace a plan and manifest it. 
  • Keeping alignment to manifest better results.

These are some examples, but the truth is, we can work together in whatever subject you need.

I'll contact you in the next 48 hours to book an appointment.

I have read and I accept Mora-Mora's privacy policy and legal advice.

These are group sessions in which we can get together and accompany each other in whatever phase of the process we find ourselves:

  • Listening to our intuition.
  • Remembering or co-creating our life’s plan.
  • Identifying your true essence.
  • Manifesting your dream.
  • Expanding your dream.

We share experiences and synchronistic events. We celebrate achievements and raise our vibration to keep ourselves aligned with our purpose and grow together.

The group is a max. of 4 people and it lasts max. 2 hours.

Join a group now. 

Start by filling the contact form to have a your first free 30 min. online session with me.

I'll contact you in the next 48 hours to book a free 30 min. appointment.

I have read and I accept Mora-Mora's privacy policy and legal advice.

Feel free to book a 50 min online or face to face session to connect with your true essence, identify and transcend your limiting beliefs and find the blocks that may be holding you back on manifesting your life’s plan.

I accompany people who want to:

  • Learn about spitiruality.
  • Understand what a synchronistic event is.
  • Apply the Law of attaction.
  • Connect to their own true abundance.  
  • Align their business idea to their spiritual beliefs. 
  • Learn how to listen to their intuition. 
  • Keeping alignment to manifest their dreams. 

These are some examples, but the truth is, we can work together in whatever subject you need.

I'll contact you in the next 48 hours to book an appointment.

I have read and I accept Mora-Mora's privacy policy and legal advice.

An esenciario is a document I create just for you.

I know it can be stressful when you are trying to define your essence and life’s mission.

You have probably meditated, read all sorts of books, watched videos, listened to podcasts, written, painted, expressed and reached a point where you don’t know what the next logical step is.

This is part of the reason I began writing Esenciarios, or essence documents, so I could tune into your essence and idea and help you out.

From a series of Online or face to face Counselling Sessions, where we talk about you, your ideas, your work, and your personal and professional experiences, I create a document that holds the essence, the excitement and the eagerness we feel when we begin new projects. In it, I define the specific outlines behind the project, idea or brand.

From there, we can continue to work on it together or you can just take it from there.

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