Love driven books and editorial products

We began this journey listening to an inner calling and the inspired thought of publishing, writing, drawing and creating unique and beautiful pieces to share with the entire world.

During these 3 years we have held space in the process of creating, writing and publishing books, cards and editorial products that are written and illustrated from heart to heart.

We print books with a touch of magic.
We co-create beautiful products that inspire, connect, ignite and raise the vibration of anyone they touch.

These is what we call #lovedrivenbooks.

If you feel this philosophy resonates with you as an author, illustrator or reader send us your idea.
We will be really happy to hear from you and walk the path of least resistance together to bring it into the world.

Authors, revisors, ilustrators, editors… anyone who wants to be part of a project, the process or the editorial firm.

Contact us, we will be thrilled to meet you!

Attach your book, resume or portfolio (file format allowed: pdf|doc|docx máx.10MB)

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Stories behind our books

 Here are some of the stories behind the books we have published that I’m sure you can relate to:

Editorial projects

  • Posted by Mora-Mora
  • On 8 June, 2017
We believed we could print a book and we followed the steps to make it happen.
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Authors, illustrators and readers' experiences:

You can purchase the love driven books and products we have published here: