Handmade Mandalas

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Little colouring book with 30 handmade mandalas by Sylvie Beraud.

People say:

¨The mandala book is a paper jewel, an authentic gift to the mind. When you color, you connect to your natural the flow and rythm… Energy, thought, ideas… If you want to free yourself, let it grab all of your attention.¨

– Jugando a ser invierno 

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Petit Coloring Book

We are so excited to share with you the first book we ever printed as Editorial Mora-Mora.

Cuenta la leyenda que estos libros tienen magia… 


Mandala coloring book.

15×15 cm | Contains: 30 handmade mandala drawings.

Ilustrated by: Sylvie Beraud

Free shipping in Spain (penninsula)

They include a coloring bag and crayons.

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